“You’re not weak,” she said, her breath tickling his sensitive skin as she stroked him to a full erection. “You’re strong, mentally and physically. You’re resilient, courageous, ethical and unafraid to act on it. You’ve got the kind of confidence that means that you don’t have to show off your power, because you always know it’s there when you need it.” Her fingers slid over the head of his cock, working precum into the feverishly hot flesh. “You’re my strong, obedient boy.”

“You’re not stupid,” she whispered, her fingers rubbing over his stiff nipples again and again until the slightest touch elicited a moan. “You’re not thinking now, but that’s only because you don’t want to think. You’ve decided that it feels better to let your mind go still and quiet so that you can focus on my words, and all the pleasure they bring you. You’re blank, not dumb.” She caressed his chest–his shirt had long ago been cast aside. He didn’t even remember it happening. “You’re my smart, submissive boy.”

“You’re not worthless,” she purred, as his hand drifted back to gently touch her naked body. “If you were worthless, why would I have any interest in owning you? Why would I want to possess a thing without value?” Her lips nuzzled his neck, sending shivers down his spine and right into his throbbing cock. “No, you’re a prize, a treasure, and I’m proud to call you mine. You’re my priceless, enthralled boy.”

“You’re not pathetic,” she cooed to him, as his legs finally buckled under the intensity of the mindless bliss he felt with each stroke of his pulsing, aching cock. “There’s nothing pitiable or pitiful to you; you could have your choice of women, those who you would surrender to and those who would surrender to you.” She guided him to his knees, sliding his pants down to give herself full access to his body, and began to pump her hand faster and faster up and down his shaft. “You’re no stray to be taken in. You’re my capable, pliable boy.”

He moaned, as her fingers teased every last bit of pleasure out of his balls, tugging his orgasm out of him with expert skill. “And you know just what that means, don’t you, pet? Anyone could control a weak, worthless, stupid, pathetic slave. Anyone could snap their fingers and make a person like that obey. But you know that you’re strong, smart, capable, a prize beyond value. So if I can command you this easily, reduce you to a helpless, whimpering slave at my feet…it just means that I’m irresistible. It means my power over you is inescapable. You can’t fight me, pet, because no matter how strong you are…I’m always stronger. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes, Mistress,” was all he managed to sigh out before his climax took him beyond the point of speech.

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