Unpopular femdom opinion


I think that trope of a domme having her sub go down on her while she looks completely disinterested or is distracting herself with something else is trash. 

If I’m a sub, my primary desire is in making my domme feel good. If I’m going down on her I want to have an orgasm or at least enjoy herself. If I see my domme (or really any partner) looking disinterested or not enjoying themselves during I’m going to want to stop and talk to them. Ask if their enjoying it or if not could I be doing anything differently to make things better. 

Perhaps there is something I’m missing but I don’t want someone who’s going to dominate me but be bored while doing so. I want a woman who dominates me because she likes to do so as much as I like to submit to her.

Enjoyment in my partner is a turn on. Boredom is a turn off.


Imagine. A pretty sub boy with his body carefully bound in
black silk rope, his eyes covered with a matching tie, and you’re standing at
the foot of the bed just watching as he squirms and writhes from the continuous
tease of the vibrating sleeve you’ve slipped over him. His ankles are cuffed to
a steel spreader bar, and the sight is just phenomenal.

Patience 💋


GFD/RR (NSFW / R18+)

Look at you… You’re doing such a lovely job trying to hide
your excitement from everyone except me. Of course, I know exactly how I’m making you feel. The way the muscles in your leg
tightened under my touch the second my hand slipped up the leg of your shorts and the
expression on your face when you looked over at me speaks a thousand words.
Yes, love, I can read everything you’re thinking like a book. After all, I don’t
expect you to use your words at a time such as this. Just sit back, sweetheart.
Let me take care of you—just as I always do. Just as I know you like.

It isn’t the first time I’ve gotten you off under a table
like this, but it’s going to be different this time. I assure you, baby, you
won’t mind one bit. I even brought a surprise for you, and because it’s rather
noisy in here, no one will be able to hear the vibrations from the sleeve I’m
about to put on you. We’re in public, so it’s difficult for me to take care of
you with my hand without someone seeing. Just let me slide this on, and no one except
me will know how much of a good little slut you are. I know how much you
secretly love shit like this. You love it when I tease you and play with you
like this, and the risk of being in public only works you up more. You’re so
perfect for me, baby. There’s not a soul better suited for me than you.

And yes, your face
is so beautiful when I start the vibrations. Your breathing falters a bit, too,
and you immediately place a hand in front of your mouth, moving it away after a
second because you’re afraid it would only make our fun too obvious. As much as
I’d love to keep touching you, I’m even more curious to see what you would do
if I were to leave this on you for a few minutes. Don’t worry babe, I promise I
won’t leave you like this for too long. When you’re ready, I’ll just take you
out to the car where I can touch you properly and finish you off, and you can
be as loud as you want. You can tell me everything you’re feeling, and I won’t
have to make a mess of your pants. It sounds nice, doesn’t it sweetheart? I
know, baby, just think about all the things I can’t wait to do to you. But
first, you have to sit here like this until I finish my meal, alright? I
promise it won’t take but a minute.

Your eyelids are getting heavy, love, and the way you’re
staring at me so intently only tells me that it’s working exceptionally well.
Believe me when I say this is as much a tease for me as it is for you. There is
nothing I’d rather do right now than hear your sweet, breathy moans, and I’m
tempted to take you to the car this instant. And fuck, when you lightly touch my thigh, I know it’s definitely time
to request our check. Do you think you can be perfectly discreet when the
waitress comes back to our table? You’re going to have to try, baby. Just do
your best, and I’m sure it will be okay.

As expected, you hide it all supremely well
while I handle the payment, and now it’s definitely time for your reward for
being such a fucking good boy for me. Do you think you can make it out to the
car like this without accidentally cumming? You’ve made it this far. Of course
you can. Let’s go, babe.


He lay back on the bed with a soft sigh of relaxation, letting his body sag into the mattress as she climbed onto the bed next to him. She took his cock into her hands, favoring him with an enigmatic smile as she began to stroke him gently. “Are you sure this is part of the concierge service?” he asked, his voice somewhere between flirtatious and genuinely confused.

Her smile widened as she leaned forward just enough to give him a better look at her full breasts and pert nipples. “Does it really matter?” she asked, teasing him with slow, smooth, steady strokes that never seemed to touch exactly the same place twice. Her eyes glittered with seductive amusement as she felt his cock pulse in her hand, watching his eyes roll back in his head at every throb of pleasure she induced.

He didn’t know how to answer her question–it did matter to him, he felt uncomfortable not knowing if the beautiful naked woman waiting for him in the hotel room was an employee or just some stranger who broke in to seduce him… but his questions and doubts faded away under that perfect touch. He wasn’t married. He didn’t have a girlfriend. He hadn’t done anything illegal by letting her undress him and tease his cock to full erection. If someone was planning to blackmail him with this, they wouldn’t have much luck. Whoever she was, she didn’t seem to have anything in mind except pleasuring him. He didn’t have a problem with that.

Except that she kept teasing him. Every time his balls tightened in anticipation, her hand slowed down to a dead stop. Every time he gasped in helpless arousal, she merely smiled and changed her rhythm until he was breathing slowly and evenly again. She swayed her body just enough to keep his eyes focused on her amazing tits, constantly drawing his attention to her breasts until the rest of the room faded away into a haze of irrelevance.

Time seemed to distend, then stop entirely under her touch. The pleasure of her fingers against his cock became maddening. Then it became unbearable. Then, still without ever being allowed to come, it melted into a plateau of arousal somewhere beyond orgasm. He didn’t need her help anymore to control his release. His body simply reached a point where it was so deeply focused on her breasts, so perfectly trained by her regimen of teasing, that he no longer needed to come. He simply needed to relax. Feel. Enjoy the peace and pleasure. Listen. Obey.

The last word sounded strange, out of place in his head. Groggily, he realized that it didn’t come from his head at all. She was saying it to him. She’d been talking for a while now, he noticed, her voice so soft and soothing and in sync with the pleasant sensations flowing through him that he couldn’t really pinpoint when he’d stopped thinking and started simply accepting her words as his consciousness. There was a moment of struggle as he tried to take back his stream of thought… but her words lulled him easily and effortlessly into docile, malleable relaxation. Her touch overwhelmed him with pleasure. He stopped thinking.

She continued to program him. But he no longer noticed.

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He lay under me, panting with his elegant hands tracing my calves under my skirt as I slowly moved my hips over him.  His hard cock pushing up against his shorts while my panties dragged along the rougher material.  The lace catching a little and prompting me to lift up with my thighs and resettle as I teased him, cupping my tits and kneading them above him.  My lips curved, “It would be so cruel, wouldn’t it?”  

His eyes were wide behind his glasses as he walked blithely into my trap, “Wouldn’t what?”

“If I were to unzip your shorts, free your cock and pull my panties to the side.  If the first time I rode your cock were just like this: hidden under my skirt.  If all you could do was feel me, hear me, watch my face…”  His groan and the way his hands gripped at me made me want it all the more.  “You wouldn’t get to see your cock enter me.  You wouldn’t see me take you.  Would it be real?  Would you be inside me?”

“Oh God-” I swallowed down the rest of his chaos, my mouth avid and demanding on his as I circled and ground down with my hips and he arched and thrust and begged with his body.

I love when she’s on top of me like this. I feel at her mercy, and she’s very much in control. It can be tough to silence my own brain sometimes in these situations (or, let’s face it, any situations), though. I wonder if part of it is my brain feeling like it needs to try to act, even from a submissive perspective. Like it’s saying “I should be doing something right now,” instead of just surrendering to the moment.

So yes, it’s a great tease, but…it’s also very hot in a way. When I can’t see it, see her taking me inside her, it’s removing another little bit of my control, another little thing for my brain to worry about, and giving it to her – I can’t feel like I have to do anything about what I can’t see. One less thing for my brain to think about, one less sensory input. Instead, distill it all down to a few – the sounds of our moans, and the feeling of her taking me. Focus my brain solely on the pleasure of being *taken* by her…feeling even more *hers*…and getting hopelessly, wonderfully lost in it.

Teasing? Definitely. Cruel? Maybe. But oh would I feel like her toy…

That’s the people pleaser part of you, I think.  What you don’t realize is that being my toy, letting me tease you, use you, corrupt you, and play with you is pleasing me.  If I want you to do something, I’ll tell you to.  Or put your hands there myself.  Or make you ask for what I want because you know I want it.  *bats my eyelashes*  In those instances, your surrender and honest reactions are all I’m looking for.  However, until your brain catches up we can look at using more of the trappings and the props so you know your place. *flashes a grin*

Exploring Sensitivity


Freeing his cock I lean down and lick.  He is so hard the foreskin had already rolled back and he’d drenched a spot of precum through his shorts.  So slick and needy I craved a taste, so I sate that hunger.  Eager for the attention his hips jump, his cock fat and insistent as I grip it in my hand.  Pulling up my skirt I wiggle a little closer and give his hands a very obvious target.  

This time… oh this time when I wrap my lips around his cock and bath his exposed head with my tongue he grips my ass hard, anchoring himself to me and whines, “Your mouth…”  I’ve had my lips and tongue all over his cock and he has yet to have precisely this reaction.  Pursing my lips, I flick my tongue over his head and he cries out like I struck him with lightning.  Intrigued I suck his cock down and with hard suction and a twist use just my mouth.  Nope.  I add my tongue and he moans a little but the reaction isn’t the dramatic need I am fishing for.  So I let my hand pump his thick shaft lightly and just circle his cock head with my questing tongue and there it is… whimpers and his thigh trembling in front of my eye line.  Oh yes.  

“Sensitive, is it?” I ask quietly, my hand moving patiently as I kiss the protruding bone of his hip near me.

“Such – such pleasure I didn’t!-”, he cuts himself off with another long moan as I draw my hand up and over his cock head.

“So… not just my mouth then is it?” I ask, my voice coy as I bring my hand down and let my thumb circle and watch his hips quake.  

“N-n-n-n-n-oooooooo.”  The answer manages to make it out, broken but there though the verbal confirmation is hardly necessary.  

I smirk and play with the sensations; my tongue… my finger pad, my lips and listen to his lovely sounds as his fingers dig into me and he gasps and whines my name.  “It sounds so good for you, love.”  He fights for the “yes”, between panting breaths and harsh heaving whimpers.  I wrap my fist around his cock and smile to myself as I nuzzle the crease of his thigh… and then slide my hand up and rotate fast and firmly over the head of his cock over and over.  

He squeals for me.  Squirms.  There are no words and all his leg muscles tremble while his arms and hands lock.   I’m torturing him with exquisite pleasure and it feels like home.  I’m so wet listening to the sound of his cries, so aching feeling him cling to me.  He isn’t cumming, he’s on edge and while I’m fascinated and wondering how long I can keep him there on this precipice… I relent.  I let go and turn and kiss him softly.

“Such a good boy.  Letting me play with you.  You can have a break now.”  I nuzzle him, nose to nose and his fingers tremble on my arm as he holds on to me and thanks me.  I check in with him, see how he feels, if he needs anything, and when he says he’s good I kiss his lips lightly and run one index finger over his nipple.  

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he shivers in my arms.  

“What’s this now?  All that made your nipples sensitive?”  I sit up a little higher against him and he blinks owlishly while he processes the sensations.

“I guess so?”  

I lean over and lap at his nipple and he moans.  I suck and he moans harder.  “Hmmm… how about teeth?”  I graze lightly with my teeth and his body wracks under me again with shudders.  I play with him, my beautiful toy.  Experimenting with pressure, with sensation of cold air on wet freshly sucked nipple, with slightly harder teeth, with touch and nails, and like his cock my tongue lapping steadily makes his hips leave the bed.  

I look up at him, my left hand on his cheek I let my thumb affectionately trace his jaw.  “Look at me.”  He does, his head lifted and framed a bit by my hand and I bring my right hand to my lips near his chest and smile… and then lick my palm.  “Now take it”, I snarl.  My right hand goes directly to his sensitive cock head and massages, my mouth returns to his nipple and his whole body jerks like he’s being electrocuted by sensation.  I nip quickly and lift my head, “take it all, just a bit more” and jerk his cock and tongue his nipple and watch him burn and dance in my arms.


“Aww, are you whimpering already back there, honey?”

“Yes, princess. Your feel amazing.”

“Thank you, hon. Is my ass making you want to cum?”

“Yes, princess. It looks so sexy and perfect.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“No, princess. I’m really trying not to.”

“That’s good, baby. Just try to remember what we talked about.”

“Yes, princess. I won’t cum. Not anymore.”

“At all, baby?”

“At all, princess.”

“And why’s that?”

“It makes you happy that I stay hard and horny and ready for you to use, princess.”

“And what else?”

“That I – oh god…”

“Hold it in, baby.”

“Y-yes, princess.”

“Now what else did we talk about?”

“That we will train me, princess.”

“Train you to do what?”

“To not cum, princess.”

“No, the other thing, baby.”

“To- to make me forget orgasms.”

“That’s right, baby, edges are your new orgasms. You have to forget orgasms exist for you.”

“Yes, princess.”

“Say it, baby.”

“I- princess, edges are my new orgasms. I have to be trained to forget orgasms exist for me, princess.”

“That’s a good boy! And what are we doing now, baby?”

“We’re training me to forget orgasms exist for me, princess.”

“Good boy! I’m going to pick up the pace here just a bit, and I’m going to cum on your cock, and I’m going to cum for both of us.”

“Yes, princess. Thank you, princess.”