He lay back on the bed with a soft sigh of relaxation, letting his body sag into the mattress as she climbed onto the bed next to him. She took his cock into her hands, favoring him with an enigmatic smile as she began to stroke him gently. “Are you sure this is part of the concierge service?” he asked, his voice somewhere between flirtatious and genuinely confused.

Her smile widened as she leaned forward just enough to give him a better look at her full breasts and pert nipples. “Does it really matter?” she asked, teasing him with slow, smooth, steady strokes that never seemed to touch exactly the same place twice. Her eyes glittered with seductive amusement as she felt his cock pulse in her hand, watching his eyes roll back in his head at every throb of pleasure she induced.

He didn’t know how to answer her question–it did matter to him, he felt uncomfortable not knowing if the beautiful naked woman waiting for him in the hotel room was an employee or just some stranger who broke in to seduce him… but his questions and doubts faded away under that perfect touch. He wasn’t married. He didn’t have a girlfriend. He hadn’t done anything illegal by letting her undress him and tease his cock to full erection. If someone was planning to blackmail him with this, they wouldn’t have much luck. Whoever she was, she didn’t seem to have anything in mind except pleasuring him. He didn’t have a problem with that.

Except that she kept teasing him. Every time his balls tightened in anticipation, her hand slowed down to a dead stop. Every time he gasped in helpless arousal, she merely smiled and changed her rhythm until he was breathing slowly and evenly again. She swayed her body just enough to keep his eyes focused on her amazing tits, constantly drawing his attention to her breasts until the rest of the room faded away into a haze of irrelevance.

Time seemed to distend, then stop entirely under her touch. The pleasure of her fingers against his cock became maddening. Then it became unbearable. Then, still without ever being allowed to come, it melted into a plateau of arousal somewhere beyond orgasm. He didn’t need her help anymore to control his release. His body simply reached a point where it was so deeply focused on her breasts, so perfectly trained by her regimen of teasing, that he no longer needed to come. He simply needed to relax. Feel. Enjoy the peace and pleasure. Listen. Obey.

The last word sounded strange, out of place in his head. Groggily, he realized that it didn’t come from his head at all. She was saying it to him. She’d been talking for a while now, he noticed, her voice so soft and soothing and in sync with the pleasant sensations flowing through him that he couldn’t really pinpoint when he’d stopped thinking and started simply accepting her words as his consciousness. There was a moment of struggle as he tried to take back his stream of thought… but her words lulled him easily and effortlessly into docile, malleable relaxation. Her touch overwhelmed him with pleasure. He stopped thinking.

She continued to program him. But he no longer noticed.

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