Imagine. A pretty sub boy with his body carefully bound in
black silk rope, his eyes covered with a matching tie, and you’re standing at
the foot of the bed just watching as he squirms and writhes from the continuous
tease of the vibrating sleeve you’ve slipped over him. His ankles are cuffed to
a steel spreader bar, and the sight is just phenomenal.

Patience 💋


GFD/RR (NSFW / R18+)

Look at you… You’re doing such a lovely job trying to hide
your excitement from everyone except me. Of course, I know exactly how I’m making you feel. The way the muscles in your leg
tightened under my touch the second my hand slipped up the leg of your shorts and the
expression on your face when you looked over at me speaks a thousand words.
Yes, love, I can read everything you’re thinking like a book. After all, I don’t
expect you to use your words at a time such as this. Just sit back, sweetheart.
Let me take care of you—just as I always do. Just as I know you like.

It isn’t the first time I’ve gotten you off under a table
like this, but it’s going to be different this time. I assure you, baby, you
won’t mind one bit. I even brought a surprise for you, and because it’s rather
noisy in here, no one will be able to hear the vibrations from the sleeve I’m
about to put on you. We’re in public, so it’s difficult for me to take care of
you with my hand without someone seeing. Just let me slide this on, and no one except
me will know how much of a good little slut you are. I know how much you
secretly love shit like this. You love it when I tease you and play with you
like this, and the risk of being in public only works you up more. You’re so
perfect for me, baby. There’s not a soul better suited for me than you.

And yes, your face
is so beautiful when I start the vibrations. Your breathing falters a bit, too,
and you immediately place a hand in front of your mouth, moving it away after a
second because you’re afraid it would only make our fun too obvious. As much as
I’d love to keep touching you, I’m even more curious to see what you would do
if I were to leave this on you for a few minutes. Don’t worry babe, I promise I
won’t leave you like this for too long. When you’re ready, I’ll just take you
out to the car where I can touch you properly and finish you off, and you can
be as loud as you want. You can tell me everything you’re feeling, and I won’t
have to make a mess of your pants. It sounds nice, doesn’t it sweetheart? I
know, baby, just think about all the things I can’t wait to do to you. But
first, you have to sit here like this until I finish my meal, alright? I
promise it won’t take but a minute.

Your eyelids are getting heavy, love, and the way you’re
staring at me so intently only tells me that it’s working exceptionally well.
Believe me when I say this is as much a tease for me as it is for you. There is
nothing I’d rather do right now than hear your sweet, breathy moans, and I’m
tempted to take you to the car this instant. And fuck, when you lightly touch my thigh, I know it’s definitely time
to request our check. Do you think you can be perfectly discreet when the
waitress comes back to our table? You’re going to have to try, baby. Just do
your best, and I’m sure it will be okay.

As expected, you hide it all supremely well
while I handle the payment, and now it’s definitely time for your reward for
being such a fucking good boy for me. Do you think you can make it out to the
car like this without accidentally cumming? You’ve made it this far. Of course
you can. Let’s go, babe.