It’s actually really hard to ruin a male orgasm


There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about how a woman can ruin a male orgasm. If by ‘ruined’ you mean either ‘deprived of pleasure’ or ‘frustrating with no relief’ then a lot of so-called ‘ruined orgasms’ are not ruined at all. 

Obviously I can’t know for sure but I think a lot of these misconceptions come from a poor understanding of the male orgasm by women and of men intentionally deceiving women about how ‘ruined’ that orgasm was. So let me educate you about the nature of the male orgasm.

Males can enjoy almost any orgasm

My personal theory is this: Men are biologically supposed to ejaculate as quickly and often as possible to spread their seed around. In order to motivate men to do that, nature has made orgasms very pleasant. But in order to motivate men to spreed their seed as much as possible nature made it so, that almost any ejaculation is pleasant for a male. Let’s discuss a few examples.

‘Just stop stroking it’


A lot of people seem to think that if the woman just stops her interaction with his dick as soon as he starts cumming, this will ruin his orgasm. Nope. There is a lot to enjoy for the male in this GiF. She ist still touching him. That feels great for him. What feels even better is that she is still touching his dick. And men also feel good if their cum touches female skin. Additionally you can see that he is about to start playing with her tits. So this is actually a very pleasant experience for the man and by no means ruined.

What if I hit him in the balls?


This is a great experience for the guy in the GiF. Busting his balls doesn’t make it any less so. Why? Because the joy of the orgasm simply overshadows the pain. In many cases the pain will only really start once the orgasm is already over. And there is a lot in this GiF that males truly enjoy in any case (like kissing and liking female feet).

So I don’t touch his genitals at all?


I would call that a step in the right direction. However, this ist still no ruined orgasm. She keeps touching the inside of his thigh, a sensitive region, especially if the male is aroused. While this might not be as pleasant as the first two examples, this is still a positive experience for the guy.

What if I don’t touch him at all and put him in a cage?


The cage doesn’t make as much difference as you would expect. Orgasm is orgasm, it doesn’t hurt if his dick isn’t hard. The problem with this approach is clearly that you need to stimulate him somehow. Since you can’t stroke his cock a vibrator is often used. However, you would need perfect timing to take away the vibrator right before he comes. As it is in the GiF she stimulates him through the entire orgasm, so that example is actually very pleasant for him.

So how do you ruin a male orgasm?

I know two and a half ways to properly ruin the experience for the male. A truly ruined orgasm, but that is hard to pull of. Alternatively you can go for a relay frustrating orgasm. Or you might go for some post-orgasm torture.

A properly ruined orgasm


This is what I’m talking about. No contact with another body, he is not allowed to touch himself and his cum drops useless on the floor. But the proper timing is difficult because the male orgasm is so short. It only lasts a few seconds. If you react only a little bit to late you’ve basically pleasured him trough the first half of his orgasm.

A frustrating orgasm


As I’ve said men can get pleasure from almost anything. But in psychology it is a know fact that something pleasant can be clouded by negative emotions. This is something we all experience from time to time. It’s like when you are happy about winning 50 $ with a lottery ticket but moments later learn that your company is broke and you’ve been fired. The joy about the 50 $ simply vanishes. The same basic principle can be applied to the male orgasm. You just need to make the disappointment and frustration so big, that they suppress the pleasure. What the chick in the GiF is doing ist very effective. Normally the guy would enjoy the orgasm because as we can see, she still touches his body a bit. However, she shows him something that he would have desired so much more than the orgasm he got. Ejaculating on a woman’s face and in a woman’s mouth is something that most men desire more than almost anything else. In the very second of his orgasm she plants the idea in his head of how great it would have been if he could have cum in her mouth. At this moment, he does not feel pleasure. Only disappointment and frustration. 

Post-orgasm torture


Pleasure turns into pain. Right after the orgasm most males are extremely sensitive to any stimulation of their dick. And not in a good way. Apparently the need at least a little rest. If they don’t get it, it really hurts. This is actually my favorite, but I only count it as half a ruined orgasm, because the male will almost certainly get a few seconds of pleasure out of it. But that only means you have to make what follows that much worse for him. 

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