Aaron swallowed hard as he watched his date slide a sturdy black ring down the length of his shaft, then begin to gently manipulate his cock and his balls so that he would be completely ensnared within the grasp of the ring.

“Uhhh…. K-Katey? What’s that for?,” he asked apprehensively.

“Just something to make tonight more fun…. that’s all,” she replied calmly.

“But…. what’s it do?”

Fighting back a smirk Katey answered, “It’s kind of hard to explain. It’ll be better if I just show you.”


Two hours later poor Aaron’s head was lolling mindlessly from side to side on his pillow, his eyes were glazed over, and a little bit of drool dribbled from the corner of his mouth. Katey, a wickedly skilled masturbatrix, had been working her magic on his bound cock and balls ever since she’d captured them with the cockring, and Aaron was now suffering the consequences.

For the most part, the only sounds he was now capable of producing were mindless, desperate moans and whimpers. But, every now and then Katey would make out faint, nearly unrecognizable words.

“Please??….. p-lease let me cum?….. I need it so bad……”

Katey simply smiled, his desperate, swollen cock throbbing in one hand…. and his bloated, cum-heavy blue balls aching in the other.

In a sweet voice she murmured, “Aww, I know you do baby… I can feel. You poor thing, you must ache so bad… you’ve got so much cum trapped inside now, don’t you?”

“P-please… I have to cum….,” his voice so weak it made her chuckle.

“Mmm, but you can’t Aaron… you can’t cum… I’ve got all of your cum trapped now. It can’t get out…. not until I’m ready. So sweetie, you’re just going to have to wait some more because I’m not finished with you yet…”

She smiled at his whimper, teasing, “I bet you understand what it does now, don’t you Aaron? See? Doesn’t this make it way more fun?”

Seeing a tear of frustration beginning to roll down Aaron’s cheek Katey smirked at him wickedly, then cooed, “Awww, no?… it doesn’t?… poor baby….. well, it makes it way more fun for me anyway….”

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