Not the same anon that asked about beating a guy up, but that that was a great answer. But what do you actually do to show people that you’re dominant then? How does anyone know? How do you prove it?



If you feel compelled to prove to people that you’re dominant, chances are you’re not dominant.

The little dogs are the ones who always bark the most, right?

I don’t go out of my way to show anyone that I’m dominant. Literally ever. @belovedsangi and @danipup don’t kneel because they are afraid of me or intimidated by me. They don’t kneel because I have made them feel like they had to kneel.

They kneel because they trust me. They kneel because they believe that I have the personal strength to lead, to keep them accountable, to help them grow and thrive and be the best versions of themselves. And they believe that because I’ve given them every reason to believe that. Simple as that, really.

And as far as people who aren’t Dani or Sangi go, I don’t really concern myself with proving anything to them. I don’t care if they see me as “dominant” or not. I’m not a big, loud, “notice me” guy, but I do have absolute, firm belief in myself. And I think it’s precisely that, the quiet confidence, that registers with people about me.

The more you worry about “proving” your dominance, anon, the more you’ll come across to people as a chihuahua yapping at ankles. Don’t be a chihuahua.


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