Can you see what you’ve become, pet?

I don’t even need to tie you up, to force you or pin you down, your body is like putty in my hands, you will stay in the exact position i choose for you to please me.

I wish you could see yourself right now, your hands under the pillow, your legs spread and your cock hard, needy. I can see how desperate you are, how badly you need me, it’s all in your eyes, in that longing look you give me while I get on top of you and move my hips, letting my pussy caress your erection, never sliding your cock inside me, only teasing, driving you insane with desire.

I want you to taste me now, pet, I want you to suck on my nipples, nibble them, lick my breasts, show me how eager you are to feel my warm skin on your lips, to serve me, to forget about your needs and show me what you are. Say it.

Yes, you’re my owned little dog, my pet, my property. I can feel your cock throbbing right under me and I ignore it, I hear your moans and whimpers and smile at you, knowing your brain has melted already and all that’s left is a desperate little animal, ready to be used and molded by his owner.

That’s how I like you, good little dog.

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