this literally made me cry 

💔💔 omg no

💔 Stop why is this on my dash

Setting aside the obvious petplay connotations here, this feeling is familiar and relatable to me.

My former dominant struggled quite a bit with depression over the years we were together.  I did my best to try to help them to feel better, but in many cases it wasn’t enough, and it probably wasn’t possible for it to be enough.  Depression is a hell of a sickness – it steals away your joy and happiness and leaves you feeling alone and unworthy of love and numb inside.  And when you’re feeling like that, there is very little which someone can do at any given moment in time to shake away the darkness.

You try anyway.  And you fail.  Except it isn’t a failure.  You are reaching out a hand and reassuring your dominant that you care about them and want to help them.  That you aren’t leaving just because they can’t be kinky with you right now, or because affection is hard for them.

Dog isn’t distraught here, just like I wasn’t distraught.

Dog and I are determined.

We can’t take away the doubts and fears in your head.  But we can try hard and keep trying hard and show you that we are there and that we will remain there.

Submissives, we have the privilege of serving when times are good.  And that is an amazing thing.  It does amazing things to us and makes us feel alive.  But when your dominant is sick or depressed or just can’t, we have a duty that is even more important.  

We have to protect our dominants.  Sometimes that means listening.  Sometimes that means being affectionate and holding them when they cry.  Sometimes that means helping them with things that are hard for them right now.  And sometimes, difficult as it may be, that means giving them the space they need to work through issues themselves.

Make sure they know you care.  Make sure they know that you will be there.  And understand that they won’t necessarily be available to give you the things that you want for a while.  Protect now.  Serve later.  Be like Dog.  Be loyal.  Be strong.  And never give up.

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