If you want to know how it feels to have my pussy sliding down your hard cock then you need to earn it. You must lie still with your hands away from your cock while I straddle your face. Then I will lower my pussy to your mouth but stop as I’m an inch from your mouth. Letting you smell my wetness and watch as you try to stretch out your tongue far enough to taste me. Then I will sink onto your tongue and slowly grind against your mouth. Mmmmm, moaning as I hump your mouth as you lick me. So desperate to make me moan and cum against your lapping tongue. Then only when you have made me cum at least twice will you get to feel my dripping pussy sliding slowly down your achingly hard cock 💋

Seems VERY FAIR to me, generous even!!! I’m glad she says “at least two” so a pussy loving man can hope to stay longer if she is pleased!!!

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