As soon as you walk through that door, your clothes come off boy, and with them your mask comes off too, the mask you wear everyday at work and that makes everyone believe you’re a strong, dominant man.

As soon as you walk through that door you’re mine, my precious boy, my little slut, my toy to use however I want, my little servant who will do anything to please me, my caged, denied little pet.

How does it feel to walk around all day hiding it, without anyone knowing what you really are? It must be exhausting, sweet boy.

It’s okay now, you can stop pretending. I’m here and I’ll take control of you.

On your knees, pet.

This writing speaks to me in ways I cannot even describe.

I often walk through the day feeling like I am hiding an important part of myself. I try to find ways to let the submissive side of me show. Finding ways to please and help others for example.

But no matter what I do, I am not fully me. It’s only those moments when I can physically shed my clothes and metaphorically shed the societal pressure and judgment and be open with the person I will serve that I am fully me, and more importantly fully hers. Thank you @lavenderbutts for beautifully capturing those feelings



A perfectly ruined orgasm. She could tell he was losing it and stopped..and no spurting means zero satisfaction…so now she can put him back into chastity or make him do it again, he’ll be wanting more that’s for sure.

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Maitresse Madeline could torture any man in any manner she wished and he’d always come back for more…or at least I know I would



I really like the idea of…how do I put this, ordered orgasm denial?

Like, having a Domme tell a sub they’re not allowed to cum, but then teasing and edging them until they’re about to break. To the point that the sub has to beg “Please Mistress, don’t make me cum”, they have to go against everything their body is telling them because they want to be good and obey.
And then the Domme can be like “Well, you’re the one who asked me to stop. I would have kept going. Apparently you just don’t want to cum.” Rinse repeat until the sub breaks.

I dunno, I love the idea of subs being ordered to behave in a way that goes against their own pleasure/desires/self/preservation. Like yes please order me to do something that frustrates the hell out of me.


I’m very surprised at how many notes this has gotten.


I wanna be tied up and teased until I’m begging to cum. Until I can’t take it anymore. You’ll sit on my face and make me earn an orgasm. After I cum you’ll tell me how much of a good boy I am. Then after you untie me, we can cuddle and I’ll pass out as you run your hands through my hair. Pat my head. Kiss my cheek and say “goodnight my sweet boy”.