Overwhelm your boy with pleasure until his mouth gapes open but he’s unable to articulate a sound, his eyes are full to the brim with tears, and he desperately seeks out your hand with his own because he knows you’re the only thing that can keep him grounded.

Fantasies come true. part1 Bondage story



Story about some kidnapped guy turned into a sex slave. This is mine first story like that. Please tell me what you think and if you want more 🙂

“It’s easy
as pie” – she thought to herself when looking at his young bound body stretched spread-eagle
on the bed. Now he was truly helpless with that sock gag and a blindfold.
“These days it’s really easy to capture a new slave.

She met Luke online on a bondage site. She’d
been talking to him for over three weeks on the internet and after many
discussions he finally began to let slip some of his deepest bondage fantasies.
She found out that Luke always wanted to be tied kept on the edge of orgasm but
he never had a chance because his now ex-girlfriend wasn’t into BDSM. He was very
curious how it would feel to be completely helpless and denied to cum. It
became his personal obsession. He’d read a lot of bondage stories an even dreamed
of such scenario couple of times. She started to ask him more and more
questions about his preferences – it turned out he was very submissive type. When
she gained his trust, he even confessed her about his foot and tickle fetish.
He truly wanted to become a sex slave. She was more than pleased by that news. Luke
was a perfect candidate for her – 26 year old, new in town with no relatives
nearby… Without hesitation she offered him that she could fulfill his
fantasies. He agreed.

Of course she has never told him about her real
job. He shouldn’t know that she will betray him by kidnapping him and turning
into a willing sex slave to earn some money. Being tied like that he has no
idea what he got into…. And it was high time he should found out.

“Oh, look at you.  I’ve barely tied you up and your cock is hard already.
You really like being bound, don’t you? – She teased. All he could answer was a
nod and a muffed “mmhmmmmm” through the gag.

She continued – “You know, there is one thing I
never told you about myself. I’m not a waitress as I told you before. To be
honest I work for people from porn industry. Don’t get me wrong, my offer to
fulfill your fantasy is still valid. The simple fact is, Luke, that you are
going to be a slave, a sex slave. But there will be a small change… you’ll probably
turn into one for the rest of your life.”

“Mmmhhm!!!??” – Luke was terrified. Now
he trashed in bonds like a madman. However, she also saw his erect cock twitch
ever so slightly at the words ‘sex slave.’ Yup, he was born to become one. Even
when in trouble, he could not control his submissive tendencies.

She explained what will happen next:  "You know, there is a place … a kind of
facility when slaves of both sexes are kept as the sex prisoners. They are well
fed and have a comfortable place to sleep and live… and they are bound completely
naked and kept aroused all the time. You could probably ask what’s the point of
this… There are a lot of wealthy people out there whose most intense and erotic
fantasy is to take  men or women against their will. They will pay a lot of
money to be able to do whatever they want to our slaves. That’s where you come
in, Luke.  For now, get used to the idea for that your sole reason for being alive will be to do whatever our clients

Mmhmhhmhm!!!!! Nnnnn!! Nnnnmmm! – He protested
through the gag, yet his penis stayed hard. What’s more, his cock started
leaking precum.

She noticed it and smiled demonically: “Oh,
stop it! We won’t hurt you. Besides it’s bad for business when our slaves get
hurt. We do not accept sadism. Our clients have similar preferences to yours,
just from the dominant side of view. You know, a lot of bondage action plus stuff
like tease and denial, sex toys, gags, blindfolds, forced orgasms… oh, did I
mentioned fucking and milking machines? You’ll gonna love it, hahaha! There is
a lot guests with a thing for tickling too. I promise you’ll met them soon.

Luke was stunned. He was breathing fast; his
dick was throbbing with excitement. The mind was telling him to fight for his
freedom but it was sooo arousing. Another drip of precum landed on his belly.
His captor continued: “Oh, you told me about your foot fetish… I think we can
do something about that too… What do you think if I could help you with that
erection of yours with my pretty feet, hmmm?” – She started to rub them on his

Mhhhm! Mhhhhhm! – Luke yelled in excitement.
There was no point of resisting it, especially when being tied spread eagle like
that. His gag and blindfold only enhanced the erotism of the situation. He was
on the edge of orgasm in no time. However, She was really good at keeping him in sexual denial.
Everytime he was close to cumming she was stopping, just to let him cool off a
little. He was in heaven and hell at the same time.

Afer a long while she finally  spoke: “Ok, that’s enough for now.
I have to call the crew to transport you to your new home.”

MmmmMM!!!! Nnnnnn! – he tried to protest. He
was soooo close! If not the gag, he would beg her for an orgasm. He’d do anything for her.

“Oh I know, I know. You surely want to cum,
huh? I’m afraid it won’t gonna happen soon. We want to test you by
keeping you on the edge as long as possible. Isn’t this what you wanted in the
first place? Now shut up, slave!” – She put a rag soaked in chloroform onto his
face. Luke passed out in no time. Female captor started dressing up and called help to
get him to the facility.


Luke woke up tied to some kind of a chair. He
was still gagged  and there was a leather mask over
his head. Realizing that he was still naked, he moved to cover himself but
he could not. His arms felt bolted behind his back and his legs were
made of lead. There was a haze in his head but despite this he felt calm. His
penis, unlike the rest of his body, felt light. It was stiffened to his fullest
and pointing upwards. Something was over its base and testicles. Cock pulsed in
time with his breathing and bobbed lazily in the air.

Luke heard the door open and someone walked in.
Coming to his side,  unknown person placed warm fingers on his chest and
went for his nipples, vibrating over sensitive aureolas. After some time of
that erotic teasing, his cock was dripping juices once again. Holding his neck, the person
finally spoke. It was a man!

“You were selected,“  whispering that, the kidnapper started to jack him off.
”…Luke, because you have the qualities we seek in our slaves.“ His voice
showed a range of emotions from lust to anger. “I can see you’re wondering
where you are. I’m not at liberty to name names but our friend, you know – the
one who tied you, submitted you as a prime candidate for our sex facility. What
should concern you is why you are here.” – he stepped back and took a moment to examine him. His body was near perfect. Tall
body with a strong build, well-muscled legs and a complexion that belied a
healthy lifestyle and predilection for exercise. Most importantly his cock was
full, thick and easily aroused. Even without help from his it stood proud and
unwavering. His balls, the most important part of this exercise, were heavy and
full. He held them delicately in her hand and assessed their weight. Luke
commanded his limbs to move to protect himself but they remained dormant.


“I suppose that roughly translates as “What the
fuck…?” – Continuing the tease of his nipples he added: “You will be drained
of your seed though a series of techniques, some enjoyable, others less so –
some downright painful. However, they have all been scientifically designed to
get the maximum amount of fluid from your body.”

He spoke matter of factly, which worried Luke
even more than he already was. He hadn’t ejaculated in days and the thought of
being helpless in a strange place as it was sucked from his body upset him.


“That’s it, try to move! You’re strapped down,
but I like to see a boy struggle. And you’ll be doing a lot of that before long…
You’re now in torture chamber – one of many. I am a sexual pervert. You are
here because you are straight and I have to train you to be a perfect slave.
You have to serve both sexes and carve pussy and dicks all the time. That’s the
reason every day you’ll be fed aphrodisiacs and kept and the edge of orgasm for
as long as possible. And I will torture you, but no worries. There will be no
pain. Just a lot of erotic frustration… and orgasms of course. Hahaha”.

“Mmmmmnnnff!! Nnnnnnff!” – poor bound slave
tried to stop it from happening.

He added: “We’ll start shortly, we just need to
put you to sleep to change your bondage position. See you soon…”. Luke felt a
sharp sting in his neck and suddenly lost consciousness.


He woke up tied to some kind of a bench. He was
still gagged and blindfolded by that awful leather mask. Unknown hands began to touch
his penis. He was hard in no time. He couldn’t resist a handjob.

Those people knew what they were doing. Luke’s
tormentor was aware of his arousal and backed off just before he could cum.
Every fucking time! His frustration was behind measure. He yelled: “Mmmmmhhh!
Nnnnnnn! MHHMHHMHhhhh!”

Luke’s balls were full as never before. From
time to time, his organ was leaking small amount of precum, sending pleasurable
chills over his aching body. He wanted more! It was no matter to him if it was
a man or a woman who did the tesing. He wanted to cum badly! Despite being straight, now he would
even suck his master’s dick in order to ejaculate. He mumbled through the gag: “mmhmhh!
Mhhm! Mhh! Mhhh!”

That sexual torture lasted almost two hours. Captor jacked him off, polished his glans, massaged balls.
Finally, Luke’s tormentor ceased teasing him. “Ok, I think that’s enough for
today. Two more hours and you be left alone for today.”

“MMMMMhhmhh!! MMMfff! Nfffff!” – Luke truly has had

He slapped him. “Let me finish slave! Before we
do so there is one more thing we want from you. We just started some kind of a
research… about new aphrodisiac. You know, since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has been
searching for the perfect aphrodisiac. We’ve have found that when a man or a
woman is stimulated and reaches a certain point of arousal (specifically the
exact moment before achieving orgasm) he or she will secrete a lubricating
fluid containing an isolated and adjusted PH factor never before studied. This
fluid, combined with other ingredients and oils, blends into a perfume that
will drive anyone who smells it into a sexual high. Male or Female, the results
are the same. It has an effect that crosses all bounds of whatever upbringing
or trends the person has come to believe and makes the wearer of the perfume
completely desirable to the intended mate. We want to sell it on the black market but
we need more… fluids. And I see you’re leaking a lot of precum. We can use

Luke couldn’t see it but he felt that his cock
is being covered by some kind of cylinder device. Soon slick rubber was touching
sensitive prick. Then he felt some kind of electrodes attached under his
balls. He heard explanations: “The system is fully automatic. Those sensors on
your testicles will provide information when you’ll be on the edge of
ejaculation. Thanks to that, the sucking machine on your penis won’t make you
cum but it will extract as many of your sweet juices as possible. Enjoy! I’ll
be back in about two hours!”

End of part 1.

Hot edging fantasy.