Imagine. A pretty sub boy with his body carefully bound in
black silk rope, his eyes covered with a matching tie, and you’re standing at
the foot of the bed just watching as he squirms and writhes from the continuous
tease of the vibrating sleeve you’ve slipped over him. His ankles are cuffed to
a steel spreader bar, and the sight is just phenomenal.

Shibari and Rope Bondage Resources



Looking for tutorials? Blogs to follow? Want to figure out that one tie you saw at the dungeon last week? This post has got you covered – written to be accessible for complete newbies, with resources even old hats at rope bondage can appreciate be they bottom or top.

(1) Tutorial Websites and Videos  

Beautiful Bondage 

Cam Damage

Crash Restraint Website

Crash Restraint Youtube

deGiotto Rope


Esinem Website

Esinem Shibari Classes   

Evie Vane’s Videos 

Kinbaku Luxuria

Kinbaku Today 

Kink Academy  

Kissmedeadly Doll References

Miss Eris 

ReKink Rope Bondage Tutorials

Rope Baby  

Rope Connections

RopeTopia Resources

RVA Rope

Secondfloor Lotus Studio

Shibari.Ph Resources 

The Dutchy

The Twisted Monk

Two Knotty Boys Video Downloads

(2) Safety and Technique Information* 

* = most of the website and video list also covers safety information

Kinky Clover Rope Bottom Guide   

How to Be an Awesome Rope Bottom

A Guide For Rope Bottoms and Bondage Models 

Bondage Safety for Bottoms

Resources for Rope Bottoms 

Safety with Rope

BDSMWiki: Beginner Rope Bondage 

Blackout: What to Do When Someone Faints

Crash Restraint Rope Advice  

Fixing Problems Before They Happen

Free: Bondage Safety 

Rope Incident Reports

On Circulation 

On Nerve Damage 

Pain in Kinbaku

Nerves in Rope Bondage

Nerve Injury Reference Card 

Nerve Injury Treatment and Management

Remedial Ropes


Shibari.Ph: Read This Before Trying Bondage  

What is Shibari?

Who Can be Suspended?

(3) Books 

The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up by Evie Vane

Better Bondage for Every Body by Evie Vane

Rope Bondage The Smart Way: A Step By Step Guide To Using Rope Bondage In BDSM by Pete Riggs

Shibari You Can Use by Lee Harrington and RiggerJay

More Shibari You Can Use  by Lee Harrington and RiggerJay

Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes by Two Knotty Boys

Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes by Two Knotty Boys

The Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage by Midori

The Beauty of Kinbaku by Master “K”

Essence of Shibari: Kinbaku and Japanese Rope Bondage  by Shin Nawakari

Rogue Hojojutsu by Douglas Kent

Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land by Douglas Kent

Complete Shibari Volume 2: Sky by Douglas Kent

Bondage For Sex by Chanta Rose

Tie Me Up! The Complete Guide to Bondage by Stephan Niederwieser 

(4) Tumblr Blogs  

@schwein-child , @goodmorningm0therfucker , @kissmedeadlydoll 


@ropebaby , @hornyropebunny @tohjiro 

@japanesebdsmofficial  @squirmforgood @evilthell, @amaury-grisel-shibari

@rumen-basheff , @kanan0690, @theropediary @jewelryandfire 

@cubicletocollar@em-ties, @strictly-dirtyvonp, @secondfloor-fet

@gaping-lotus, @jesseflanagan, @nawayoi  @uncoiled-rope , @boshai

@tieduptee, @furi0usge0rge, @daddysprettypinkprincess, @shibarikuma

@daddyrigsme, @shaktibliss @nikolasromanov, @tied-yuno,  

@kinkyropecuriosity @danielriquelme-shibari 

@tentesion, @wykd-dave

@ella-winters, @squirmforgood, @bondage-gifs, @master-rene-will

@orpheusblack, @alekzander-kinbaku, @misunguided 


@tied-yuno, @kbnawa, @ropedisco, @cordineclubarchives

@tiedandtwisted420, @fred-rx, @skinny-redhead, @nikolasromanov

@enbydea, @neckropenightmare, @hangknot, @se7enbondage 

Tumblr blog list from @thebeautyofrope‘s awesome post because I simply could not do a better or more complete job myself

Please note that none of these links, references or websites are meant to serve as a complete guide to rope bondage by themselves. Rope classes and real life instruction are invaluable, and online materials do not make a complete substitute for learning best possible practices. Stay safe and have fun!

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