He lay under me, panting with his elegant hands tracing my calves under my skirt as I slowly moved my hips over him.  His hard cock pushing up against his shorts while my panties dragged along the rougher material.  The lace catching a little and prompting me to lift up with my thighs and resettle as I teased him, cupping my tits and kneading them above him.  My lips curved, “It would be so cruel, wouldn’t it?”  

His eyes were wide behind his glasses as he walked blithely into my trap, “Wouldn’t what?”

“If I were to unzip your shorts, free your cock and pull my panties to the side.  If the first time I rode your cock were just like this: hidden under my skirt.  If all you could do was feel me, hear me, watch my face…”  His groan and the way his hands gripped at me made me want it all the more.  “You wouldn’t get to see your cock enter me.  You wouldn’t see me take you.  Would it be real?  Would you be inside me?”

“Oh God-” I swallowed down the rest of his chaos, my mouth avid and demanding on his as I circled and ground down with my hips and he arched and thrust and begged with his body.

I love when she’s on top of me like this. I feel at her mercy, and she’s very much in control. It can be tough to silence my own brain sometimes in these situations (or, let’s face it, any situations), though. I wonder if part of it is my brain feeling like it needs to try to act, even from a submissive perspective. Like it’s saying “I should be doing something right now,” instead of just surrendering to the moment.

So yes, it’s a great tease, but…it’s also very hot in a way. When I can’t see it, see her taking me inside her, it’s removing another little bit of my control, another little thing for my brain to worry about, and giving it to her – I can’t feel like I have to do anything about what I can’t see. One less thing for my brain to think about, one less sensory input. Instead, distill it all down to a few – the sounds of our moans, and the feeling of her taking me. Focus my brain solely on the pleasure of being *taken* by her…feeling even more *hers*…and getting hopelessly, wonderfully lost in it.

Teasing? Definitely. Cruel? Maybe. But oh would I feel like her toy…

That’s the people pleaser part of you, I think.  What you don’t realize is that being my toy, letting me tease you, use you, corrupt you, and play with you is pleasing me.  If I want you to do something, I’ll tell you to.  Or put your hands there myself.  Or make you ask for what I want because you know I want it.  *bats my eyelashes*  In those instances, your surrender and honest reactions are all I’m looking for.  However, until your brain catches up we can look at using more of the trappings and the props so you know your place. *flashes a grin*


“Aww, are you whimpering already back there, honey?”

“Yes, princess. Your feel amazing.”

“Thank you, hon. Is my ass making you want to cum?”

“Yes, princess. It looks so sexy and perfect.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“No, princess. I’m really trying not to.”

“That’s good, baby. Just try to remember what we talked about.”

“Yes, princess. I won’t cum. Not anymore.”

“At all, baby?”

“At all, princess.”

“And why’s that?”

“It makes you happy that I stay hard and horny and ready for you to use, princess.”

“And what else?”

“That I – oh god…”

“Hold it in, baby.”

“Y-yes, princess.”

“Now what else did we talk about?”

“That we will train me, princess.”

“Train you to do what?”

“To not cum, princess.”

“No, the other thing, baby.”

“To- to make me forget orgasms.”

“That’s right, baby, edges are your new orgasms. You have to forget orgasms exist for you.”

“Yes, princess.”

“Say it, baby.”

“I- princess, edges are my new orgasms. I have to be trained to forget orgasms exist for me, princess.”

“That’s a good boy! And what are we doing now, baby?”

“We’re training me to forget orgasms exist for me, princess.”

“Good boy! I’m going to pick up the pace here just a bit, and I’m going to cum on your cock, and I’m going to cum for both of us.”

“Yes, princess. Thank you, princess.”