Overwhelm your boy with pleasure until his mouth gapes open but he’s unable to articulate a sound, his eyes are full to the brim with tears, and he desperately seeks out your hand with his own because he knows you’re the only thing that can keep him grounded.






Words cannot express what this set does to me ❤

I will always reblog this

anybody know where is it from?

That last frame: “No, look at me”.


the special moment of seeing your partner cum or letting down your walls to allow them to see…✌️




I love a writhing, wriggling boy.

I can’t quite tell but I’m gonna believe that this is happening during his extremely sensitive post-orgasmic state, when every touch is just a little too much, riding the razor’s edge between pleasure and pain, which is why he is twitching and writhing and smiling and shaking, and why I’m so impressed that he hasn’t wriggled his way out of the torment altogether. What a good boy.

post orgasm sensitivity.  poor boy.  his belly splattered with his own cum. and having to lie there and take that torture.   yes he is a good boy.