“Aww, are you whimpering already back there, honey?”

“Yes, princess. Your feel amazing.”

“Thank you, hon. Is my ass making you want to cum?”

“Yes, princess. It looks so sexy and perfect.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“No, princess. I’m really trying not to.”

“That’s good, baby. Just try to remember what we talked about.”

“Yes, princess. I won’t cum. Not anymore.”

“At all, baby?”

“At all, princess.”

“And why’s that?”

“It makes you happy that I stay hard and horny and ready for you to use, princess.”

“And what else?”

“That I – oh god…”

“Hold it in, baby.”

“Y-yes, princess.”

“Now what else did we talk about?”

“That we will train me, princess.”

“Train you to do what?”

“To not cum, princess.”

“No, the other thing, baby.”

“To- to make me forget orgasms.”

“That’s right, baby, edges are your new orgasms. You have to forget orgasms exist for you.”

“Yes, princess.”

“Say it, baby.”

“I- princess, edges are my new orgasms. I have to be trained to forget orgasms exist for me, princess.”

“That’s a good boy! And what are we doing now, baby?”

“We’re training me to forget orgasms exist for me, princess.”

“Good boy! I’m going to pick up the pace here just a bit, and I’m going to cum on your cock, and I’m going to cum for both of us.”

“Yes, princess. Thank you, princess.”


“I don’t think I’m happy with the level of frustration you have, honey. I think you’ve gone easy on yourself while I was gone, and you’re not nearly as desperate to cum as I’d like you to be.

But we’re going to fix that right here, right now. I’m going to edge you like you’ve never even edged yourself, and I’m going to keep going until you either cry or your knees give up under you. You’re going to be thoroughly edged and uncummed, perhaps even wishing you’d never introduced denial to me. Your balls are going to be not blue, but purple, and you’re going to be so hard it’s going to hurt.

And then, in a couple of hours, when you collapse on the floor, I’m going to ride your face until I’ve cum so many times I can’t take it anymore.”


Not to be cruel but I want to edge a boy over and over with my mouth until I finally give him the fuck he’s begging for. I’d fuck him hard enough to make him scream, and just when he’s about to cum, I’d pull out, kiss him sweetly on the forehead, and forbid him from touching himself for the rest of the day.



I think one of the reasons why I am not really into long-term denial of a male submissive is because I am selfish and greedy.

I enjoy making you cum, often, whenever I want. Seeing you unable to resist cumming straight into your pants or trousers? Even. Fucking. Better.

God, yes. I want to absolutely spoil you with pleasure. Just as long as I’m the only one who gets to give it to you.

Young switch man here if that counts. What do you think would be the longest time you’d forbid a sub to orgasm?

I personally don’t like taking bdsm play outside the bedroom, so the longest I would deny a sub would be the duration of the session/scene, or however long I have them for ;P. I still love watching guys cum, and edging and denial just makes that final release even more satisfying for both of us, so I would never make a guy leave without cumming.

Thanks for the ask! 🙂 

What do you enjoy most doing to a sub?

Apologies for the late reply; I haven’t really had the time recently to properly manage my blog. But thanks for the asks!

I haven’t had that much experience domming yet (where art thou, young submissive men!), but I absolutely love edging, or any other form of orgasm control. The way they squirm and moan, the way their breath quickens and their legs shake… Whether I’m top, bottom, or domme, we both know that I am still in control of their pleasure, so I please them, over and over again, tormenting them with pleasure until they are begging and breathless, but never allowing release unless I command it. And few things are more satisfying to either of us than when I finally allow them to cum. The sheer intensity of their pleasure in that moment – their thick cum gushing out of their throbbing cock, as they gasp and moan – is a reward for their performance, and almost equally orgasmic for me to experience with them.