There are times when a man just wants to fuck my mouth. When all he wants is to use my mouth like a pussy and pump his cock between my lips and into my mouth until he’s cumming hard down my throat, and so basically I have no control and I’m just a place to dump his cum. I love that. But there are other times when the control is all mine and his cock is my toy, and I really love that. Just the thought of a cock fully erect and waiting for me to slide my lips over the head is sometimes enough to get my panties wet. Being able to take my time with his cock and pleasure him as if I’m making love to his cock is my heavenly place. Teasing him with my lips and using my tongue to send shivers of pure ecstasy coursing through his body with just a slow lick around the head. Not just kissing but making out with the swollen head of his cock. Knowing that the 4,000 or so nerve endings in the head of his shaft are at the mercy of my soft lips and my eager to tease tongue. Every caress of my lips, every lick of my tongue, every slow suck of lips over the head, building his need to cum. His cock all mine to tease and please with my hungry little mouth 💋

Hot oral teasing.


I’ve always been a firm believer that cock worshipping isn’t simply done by submissive women.

As a Domme, I too absolutely love to worship my babyboy’s manhood. The difference is that I don’t have my boy’s pleasure in mind but my own. God, I could do this for hours and hours on end.

It’s insane how close this video is to how touch my own boy. 💦♥💦

An absolute must watch/reblog post.

This is without a doubt one of my favourite tags @titan-at-milovana