You need not to speak any words.

The focus is on you, solely on your pleasure and your response to my touch.

To build you up and to bring you gently back down, always simmering, that constant heat of arousal.

Feeling those fingertips just tantalise you, letting you know just how much I yearn to explore your intimacy. Just a taste for now though. Working you up to that pinnacle before lowering you, The urgency of being brought to the edge so quickly takes you by surprise, though it leaves you wanting so much more.

Now it is time to tease you. It’s not about teasing you with the thought of how good it will feel when you come, it’s about the slow building of pleasure and making you wonder just how much it can keep rising. Lavishing every detail of your body with the most minute touches, all to make you realise just how sensitive you are to the attention. Circling your nipples in the slowest and softest ways, not just to make you internally crave more, but to keep you acknowledging just how stiff those little peaks have become.

Every movement, every stroke and caress, all calculated to sweep the sensations throughout every inch of your body. All in a bid to make sure that it isn’t just your hips that rise and fall with need, it’s to make sure that every muscle in your body wants to contribute to rocking those hips with longing.

By the time I finally make you come, it’ll be at the point when your body has no other choice but to do so, but your mind wants to hold back in a bid to keep this lasting forever.

That is why words are not needed here, all I need listen to are for when your breath turns to a sigh, when your sigh turns to a moan. The language of ecstasy, wordless, yet I’ll hear every plea.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: hegre