How much experience as sub do you have and how would you estimate your dom/sub ratio?

I haven’t yet had any proper experiences as a sub, although with vanilla partners, wherein neither of us are dom(me) or sub, I tend to bottom, although this may be simply be because I am quite petite, pretty unfit, and a sometimes a little bit lazy – it’s always easier to let the guy do the heavy lifting 😂. I do like to be physically ‘dominated’ and manhandled, and love being on both the giving and receiving ends of rough, primal sex, but beyond that, I’m not naturally particularly submissive at all. This is why I identify as a dominant bottom. I would be willing to try it with the right partner, however. 

So I would estimate by domme/sub ratio to be probably ~ 80:20. My top/bottom ration would be closer to ~ 40:60. Thanks for the ask 😊