Yknow, I just want my sub to know how cute he is. I wish he could see himself from my eyes. He’d never doubt it again. Seriously! He’s like the cutest thing I’ve ever layed eyes on. His fucking moans when I take him in my mouth and his nervous laugh when I check him out.

I like pulling his hips into mine and kissing him. He just melts whenever I take initiative. If I slap him it’s like his eyes just start begging for more.

If I tug his lip with my thumb he will just open it for me.

It’s such a satisfying and scary feeling having someone trust you so much. I want to hold and protect him forever.

Yes, this.


I wanna be tied up and teased until I’m begging to cum. Until I can’t take it anymore. You’ll sit on my face and make me earn an orgasm. After I cum you’ll tell me how much of a good boy I am. Then after you untie me, we can cuddle and I’ll pass out as you run your hands through my hair. Pat my head. Kiss my cheek and say “goodnight my sweet boy”.